VX_4UNIT – Road Crash Rescue Cluster

Course Name: VX_4UNIT - Road Crash Rescue Cluster
Course Code: VX_4UNIT
Training Plans: VX_4UNIT

The purpose of this course is to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and technical skills to extricate entrapped casualty/s from vehicles travelling on the road such as cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks and semi-trailers while minimising the potential for further injury and preserving the integrity of evidence. This unit requires the responder to access entrapped casualty/s using a range of techniques and to operate specialist equipment to undertake the rescue.

Units of Competence:
CodeUnit NameType
PUAEME001B Provide emergency care
PUAEME002C Manage injuries at emergency incident
PUASAR022A Participate in a rescue operation
PUASAR024A Undertake road crash rescue

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