WSAH – Work Safely at Heights


The purpose of this course is to provide participants with the necessary skills and
knowledge to safely use fall protection equipment when working from heights. This unit is appropriate for those working in operational roles where they are required to perform work at heights.

Course Name: WSAH - Work Safely at Heights
Course Code: WSAH
Course Duration: 1 day.
Training Plans: Working at Heights Course
18-12-2017 - 07:50 AM to 18-12-2017 - 04:30 PM in Kalgoorlie, WA (6 places remaining)
15-01-2018 - 07:50 AM to 15-01-2018 - 04:30 PM in KALGOORLIE, WA (15 places remaining)
22-01-2018 - 07:50 AM to 22-01-2018 - 04:30 PM in KALGOORLIE, WA (14 places remaining)
29-01-2018 - 07:50 AM to 29-01-2018 - 04:30 PM in KALGOORLIE, WA (15 places remaining)

RIIWHS204D Work Safely at Heights
This course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to work safely from heights using fall protection equipment. Learning outcomes include:
• identifying equipment, components and their function
• safe shifting and handling of tools and materials
• relevant statutory and regulatory authority requirements
• the nature of the work to be undertaken at height
• height safety systems
• safe working practices
• safety systems/equipment


The course will be based on theoretical sessions, equipment demonstrations and practical exercises.

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Qualification Requirements:


Units of Competence:
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RIIWHS204D Work safely at heights

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