Emergency Response

Code Course Title
ADV_FIRE Advanced Fire Cluster Apply
Aviation Aviation Firefighting Apply
UGSR_BG4 BG4 Underground Search and Rescue Closed Circuit BA Apply
RII30719 Certificate III in Emergency Response and Rescue Apply
RII30715 Certificate III in Mine Emergency Response and Rescue Apply
PUA30619 Certificate III in Public Safety (Firefighting and Emergency Operations) Apply
FTO_RMI Conduct Fire Team Operations Cluster Apply
FTO Conduct Fire Team Operations Standalone Apply
CSR Confined Space Rescue Apply
UGF Control Underground Fires Standalone Apply
Drive Drive Vehicles Under Operational Conditions Apply
HAZMAT Hazchem Apply
RESP_ISOL Isolated Structure Fire Cluster Apply
CREW Lead a crew Apply
LV_RESCUE Low Voltage Rescue Apply
NA_ROPES Non-Accredited Vertical Rescue Apply
BA_2DAY Open Circuit Breathing Apparatus Apply
BA_REF Open Circuit Breathing Apparatus Refresher Apply
BA1DAY Operate Breathing Apparatus (MSMWHS216 ) Apply
PUMPS Operate Pumps Cluster Apply
RESCUE Participate in a rescue operation cluster Apply
TEST Prepare, Maintain and Test Response Equipment Apply
RLEI_2UNIT Respond to Local Emergencies & Incidents 2 Unit Cluster Apply
RLEI Respond to Local Emergencies and Incidents Standalone Apply
RESPOND Respond to urban fire Apply
WILDF_RESP Respond to Wildfire Cluster Apply
RCR Road Crash Rescue Apply
Standard_11 Standard 11 Cluster Apply
PUAFIR302 Suppress Urban Fire Apply
UG_FF Underground Firefighting Apply
UG_FFC Underground Firefighting Cluster Apply
ROPES Vertical Rescue Apply
WILDF_S&R Wildfire Suppression Apply
WPPP Workplace Policies & Procedures Apply

First Aid

Code Course Title
PFA_4UNIT Advanced Resuscitation Cluster Apply
ADV_RESUS Advanced Resuscitation Standalone Apply
OFA Occupational First Aid Skill Set Apply
CPR_LV Perform Rescue from a Live LV Panel and Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Apply
PAFA_5UNIT Provide Advanced First Aid and Resuscitation Cluster Apply
CPR Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation Apply
PFA_3UNITS Provide First Aid Apply

Workplace Safety

Code Course Title
4WD_2UNIT 4WD & Defensive Driving Apply
CFWC Chief Fire Warden Cluster Apply
CFW_SA Chief Fire Warden Standalone Apply
CHLOR_GAS Chlorine Apply
CS_GTA Confined Space & Gas Testing Cluster Apply
CS_GTA REF Confined Space & Gas Testing Cluster Refresher Apply
CSE-REFRESH Confined Space Entry - Refresher Apply
CSE Confined Space Entry Cluster Apply
TLIC3004 Drive heavy rigid vehicle Apply
TESTNTAG Electrical Test and Tag Course Apply
FX Fire Extinguisher Apply
FX_INSPECT Fire Inspection Apply
FW Fire Warden Apply
LOAD Front End Loader Apply
GANT Gantry (Overhead) Crane Cluster Apply
GTA Gas Testing Apply
NC_HoseRoll Hose rolling Apply
LR Load Restraint Cluster Apply
MHAND Manual Handling Apply
NON-ACC FW Non Accredited Fire Warden Training Apply
OP_LV Operate Light Vehicle Apply
PATH Pathology Apply
SKID Skid Steer Loader (bobcat) Apply
SSLoader_VOC Skid_Steer_Loader_VOC Apply
SPILL_1 Spill Response Apply
WSAH Work Safely at Heights Apply
WSAH-REFRESH Work Safely at Heights - Refresher Apply


Code Course Title
FELoader_VOC Front_End_Loader_VOC Apply
EWP Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more) Apply
MOB_CRANE Licence to Operate a Non-Slewing Mobile Crane Apply
DOGGING Licence to Perform Dogging Apply
DOG_RIG Licence to Perform Dogging and Basic Rigging Cluster Apply
BASIC_RIG Licence to Perform Rigging Basic Level Apply
INT_RIG Licence to Perform Rigging Intermediate Level Apply
TLILIC0003 Operate a Forklift Apply
RAL001 Restricted Asbestos Removal Licence Training Apply

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