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In applying for this training, you are advised that Commonwealth Departments are entitled to collect enrolment and training activity information about you for the purpose of monitoring training quality and reporting on training activity. The information you provide will be accessed to support the ongoing statistical analysis of the Australian vocational training sector. We will not disclose your personal information to any unauthorised persons or organisations.

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The information provided is true and correct. I further certify that I have been provided sufficient information about my rights and obligations to make an informed decision about enrolment and I agree to the services being provided.
I have good English language, literacy and numeracy skills and am confident I will be able to undertake the assessments as set out by the course and I have advised Riklan of any additional support I may need.
I agree to complete a medical summary form on commencement of my training declaring I have no pre-existing conditions which could affect my ability to complete this course.

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