PUMPS - Operate Pumps Cluster

Training Plan
Operate Pumps Cluster - Feb_2020
PUMPS CERT III 15.02.21: 15-02-2021 to 15-02-2021 at Perth Training Centre, Maddington, WA Apply

These units involve the skills and knowledge required to operate portable and appliance-mounted fire fighting pumps safely and efficiently at an emergency situation and covers preparing pumps to deliver water, operating pumps and concluding pump operations. It also includes inspecting response equipment, testing response equipment and cleaning, maintaining and restow equipment.

Career Pathways

This unit is applicable to personnel who are responsible for operating centrifugal appliance mounted pumps, portable pumps and foam systems at an incident. This work typically requires the application of basic principles in hydraulics and involves working as a member of a team under limited supervision.


1 day

Entry Requirements

Pre-requisite: PUAFIR210 - Prevent Injury AND ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:
PUAFIR203 - Respond to Urban Fire OR PUAFIR220 - Respond to Isolated Structure Fire OR PUAFIR204 - Respond to Wildfire OR PUAFIR205 - Respond to Aviation Incident (Specialist)

Assessment Requirements

While the training for the two units is delivered concurrently, each Unit of Competency is assessed as a discrete unit. The pre-requisite unit is assessed sequentially.

The course will be based on theoretical sessions, equipment demonstrations and practical exercises.

Materials or Equipment Required

Students must wear long pants, long sleeve shirts and steel cap boots.

Units of Competence
PUAEQU001 Prepare, Maintain and Test Response Equipment
PUAFIR309 Operate Pumps

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