Pathology: Drug Testing Training


Training Plan
PATH KALGOORLIE 14.06.24: 14-06-2024 to 14-06-2024 at Kalgoorlie Training Centre, Kalgoorlie, WA Apply
PATH KALGOORLIE 04.07.24: 04-07-2024 to 04-07-2024 at Kalgoorlie Training Centre, Kalgoorlie, WA Apply

This course covers the skills and knowledge required to confirm collection requirements, prepare client and equipment and collect specimens via urine and/or oral and breath testing following the special procedures that apply for drugs of abuse testing.


This course applies to individuals working in collection centres, in hospitals, in other health care environments and workplaces where drugs of abuse testing takes place.

Payment Plan
Payment Amount Paid By Upfront
Course Price: ***Payment is required to secure your booking, please contact our office*** $500.00 Yes
Note: All payments are represented in Australian dollars
Career Pathways

Qualifications that include this unit:
CSC30120- Certificate III in Correctional Practice
HLT37215- Certificate III in Pathology Collection
CSC30119- Certificate III in Correctional Practice


The course will be conducted over 1 day.

Entry Requirements

Photo ID must be presented on arrival at the training premises.

Language, literacy and numeracy requirements from the unit are:
- Writing is required to the level of completing written assessments.
- Numeracy is required to enable the determination of similar activities.

Assessment Requirements

The course will be based on theoretical sessions, equipment demonstrations and practical exercises.

While the training for the enrolled units is delivered concurrently, each Unit of competency is assessed as a discrete unit.

Participants who are deemed competent will receive a Nationally recognised Statement of Attainment issued by RIKLAN Emergency Management Services (RTO 51994) under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Delivery Mode

Face to face and practical hands-on training conducted by an experienced Trainer/Assessor with strong knowledge of relevant Legislation, Australian Standards and Codes of Practice.

Materials or Equipment Required

Participants must wear long pants, long sleeve shirts and enclosed footwear.


If you are a new or continuing student undertaking nationally recognised training, you need a USI in order to receive your qualification or statement of attainment for this unit.

Course Fee

Individual: $500.00
For company bookings, please contact our office on 08 90211222 or email

Units of Competence
HLTPAT005 Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing

Drug Testing Training

Empower Your Career with Riklan’s Drug Testing Training

Riklan’s Drug Testing Training is meticulously designed to address the growing need for comprehensive drug and alcohol testing within various workplaces. Through practical, hands-on training delivered by industry experts, participants will master the techniques required to conduct effective testing and manage a workplace testing program.

Comprehensive Skill Set Enhancement

Participants in the Road Crash Rescue Training will also learn:
  • Advanced Scene Management: Techniques to secure and manage rescue scenes effectively.
  • Critical Decision-Making: Skills to make quick and informed decisions under pressure.
  • Team Coordination: Training on how to coordinate with multiple emergency response teams to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the rescue operation.

Detailed Learning Outcomes

  • Comprehensive Testing Techniques: Learn to confidently perform different types of drug tests, including saliva, urine, and breath alcohol tests. Each method is taught with an emphasis on accuracy and adherence to procedural standards.
  • Advanced Confirmation and Custody: Detailed instruction on confirmation testing ensures reliability in test results. The results are critical for legal and employment decisions. Understand the importance of maintaining an unbroken chain of custody in testing samples to ensure the integrity and validity of results.
  • Workplace Implementation Strategies: Develop the capability to design and roll out a tailored drug and alcohol testing program. Learn how to educate your workforce about the policies, enhancing compliance and awareness.
  • Legislation and Standards: Gain a thorough understanding of the relevant Australian Standards and legislation that govern workplace drug and alcohol testing. This knowledge is vital to ensure that your testing procedures are legally compliant.
  • Handling Sensitive Issues: Address potential challenges such as communication hurdles, employee reactions, and policy considerations. Learn strategies to manage these situations professionally and ethically.

Why Riklan’s Training Makes a Difference

  • Industry Compliance: Stay updated with the latest standards and regulations in road crash rescue operations.
  • Recognition: Enhance your professional credentials with a nationally recognised qualification that demonstrates your capability and dedication to safety.
  • Career Advancement: This training is an excellent addition to your professional development, helping you advance in your career by broadening your skill set in emergency response.

Affordable Workplace Safety Training

In the realm of workplace safety, investing in high-quality training is not just a regulatory requirement but also a moral obligation to your employees and stakeholders. However, cost can often be a prohibitive factor for many organisations. At RIKLAN, we understand the importance of balancing quality and affordability, and our training programs are designed to offer the best of both worlds.

Target Audience

  • Sector-wide Relevance: Ideal for professionals across sectors like healthcare, mining, and construction, where safety is paramount.
  • Roles that Benefit: Health and Safety Officers, HR Professionals, Supervisors, and anyone responsible for workplace safety and compliance.

Certification and Accreditation

Participants will earn the HLTPAT005 – Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing certification upon successful completion. This qualification is recognised across Australia and is essential for professionals looking to implement or oversee drug and alcohol testing at their workplaces.

Interactive Course Delivery

  • Duration: This one-day course is structured to maximise learning without disrupting your work week.
  • Method: Engaging, face-to-face instruction at Riklan’s Training Centre, combined with practical exercises that simulate real-world scenarios.

Enrolment and Support

  • Easy Booking: Register online or contact our team directly. We assist you from the initial booking through to the completion of your training.
  • Post-Course Benefits: Ongoing support from Riklan, keeping you updated with the latest in drug and alcohol testing practices.

Comprehensive FAQs

How does certification benefit my career?

It validates your skill set, enhances your resume, and opens up new opportunities in roles requiring this certification.

What do I need to bring to the training?

Just yourself, photo ID, and wear appropriate clothing as outlined in the course requirements. All other materials are provided.

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