PUA30613 - Certificate III in Public Safety (Firefighting and Emergency Operations)

Training Plan
Certificate III in Public Safety (Firefighting and Emergency Operations) Apply

This qualification is suitable for emergency response team members, fire fighters and
individuals responsible for public safety. This qualification will provide the practical
knowledge and skills to apply a wide variety of fire fighting and emergency response
techniques. Participants will ideally be currently engaged in firefighting and emergency response activities or looking to enter this industry.


The course will be conducted over 20 days, but will vary depending on required units of competency.

Entry Requirements

Some of the courses listed have pre-requisite requirements, in most cases the pre-requisites are covered during the training. The pre-requisite units attached to any core or elective units must be obtained and are additional to the number of units required for this qualification.

Qualification Requirements

Upon satisfactory completion of this training participants will be awarded the Nationally Recognised qualification PUA30613 Certificate III in Public Safety (Firefighting and Emergency Operations)

Assessment Requirements

The course will be based on theoretical sessions, equipment demonstrations and practical exercises.

Delivery Mode

Face to face and practical hands-on training conducted by an experienced Emergency Services instructor with strong knowledge of relevant legislation and Australian Standards.

Materials or Equipment Required

Students must wear long pants, long sleeve shirts and steel cap boots.


If you are a new or continuing student undertaking nationally recognised training, you need a USI in order to receive your qualification or statement of attainment for this unit.

Units of Competence
HLTAID003 Provide first aid Core
HLTAID007 Provide advanced resuscitation Core
PUAFIR302B Suppress urban fire Core
PUAFIR308B Employ personal protection at a hazardous materials incident Core
PUAFIR309B Operate pumps Core
PUAFIR320 Render hazardous materials incidents safe Core
PUAOHS002B Maintain safety at an incident scene Core
PUAVEH001B Drive vehicles under operational conditions Core
BSBCMM401 Make a presentation Elective
HLTAID006 Provide advanced first aid Elective
HLTFA311A Apply first aid Elective
HLTFA412A Apply advanced first aid Elective
PUACOM005B Foster a positive organisational image in the community Elective
PUACOM006B Plan and conduct a public awareness program Elective
PUAFIR301B Undertake community safety activities Elective
PUAFIR303B Suppress wildfire Elective
PUAFIR304B Respond to marine emergencies Elective
PUAFIR305B Respond to aviation incidents (general) Elective
PUAFIR306B Render hazardous materials incidents safe Elective
PUAFIR311B Dispatch rappel personnel and equipment from a helicopter Elective
PUAFIR312B Operate aerial ignition equipment in an aircraft Elective
PUAFIR313B Operate aviation support equipment Elective
PUAFIR314B Utilise installed fire safety systems Elective
PUAFIR315B Navigate from an aircraft Elective
PUAFIR316 Identify, detect and monitor hazardous materials at an incident Elective
PUAFIR317 Operate aerial appliance Elective
PUAFIR318 Operate specialist appliance Elective
PUALAW002B Conduct initial investigation at incident scene Elective
PUAOPE014A Navigate to an incident Elective
PUAOPE020A Lead a crew Elective
PUASAR004B Undertake vertical rescue Elective
PUASAR018A Select and maintain canines to be part of a canine search team for USAR incidents Elective
PUASAR019A Train canines to work in a USAR environment Elective
PUASAR020A Develop a canine search team for USAR incidents Elective
PUASAR021A Search as part of a canine search team at USAR incidents Elective
PUASAR024A Undertake road crash rescue Elective
PUASAR025A Undertake confined space rescue Elective
PUASAR026A Undertake industrial and domestic rescue Elective
PUASAR027A Undertake land search rescue Elective
PUASAR028A Undertake rescue from a partial structural collapse Elective
PUASAR029A Undertake a complex transport rescue Elective
PUASAR030A Undertake trench rescue Elective
PUASAR031A Undertake an urban search and rescue Category 2 Elective
PUASAR032A Undertake vertical rescue Elective
PUASAR034 Undertake swiftwater and floodwater rescue and recovery Elective
PUATEA002B Work autonomously Elective
TAEDEL301 Provide work skill instruction Elective

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