WILDF_RESP - Respond to Wildfire Cluster

Training Plan
Respond to Wildfire Cluster (1) Apply

The purpose of this course is to provide participants with the necessary skills and practical knowledge on how to effectively respond to a wildfire, work as a safe and situationally-aware member of a crew to attack and extinguish a fire, participate in mop-up and patrol operations, and prepare equipment for the next crew.


2 days

Entry Requirements

Pre-requisite PUAFIR210 - Prevent Injury (attained during this course)

Assessment Requirements

While the training for the five units are delivered concurrently, each Unit of Competency is assessed as a discrete unit. The pre-requisite unit is assessed sequentially.

Units of Competence
PUAEQU001 Prepare, Maintain and Test Response Equipment
PUAFIR204 Respond to Wildfire
PUAFIR210 Prevent Injury
PUAOPE013 Operate Communications Systems and Equipment
PUATEA001 Work in a Team

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